Live Purely with Martha Soffer
Live Purely with Martha Soffer

"We detox your body in a balanced way." 

- MarthaSoffer

Balancing The Body Through Ayurvedic Medicine With Martha Soffer

Elizabeth welcomes Martha Soffer, internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic Panchakarma expert, Ayurvedic Chef, and Founder of Surya Spa in Santa Monica, CA. After experiencing the benefits of Martha’s detox and rebalancing program directly, Elizabeth wants to bring a little of that ancient wisdom and healing to her listeners. Martha discusses how we can bring Ayurvedic healing practices into our busy, modern lifestyles, and what wellness and food products are her tried and true loves. She discusses what Panchakarma is, and how we can use our pulse health and Dosha to eat and move our way towards optimal health. Martha also shares a little bit about the mission behind Surya Spa and the types of programs they offer.

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