Live Purely With Mimi Bouchard
Live Purely With Mimi Bouchard

"I truly believe that anybody out there can create whatever life they want for themselves, and to get there, you have to change your self-image." 

- Mimi Bouchard

Living Your Best Life and Pioneering a New Type of Meditation

Elizabeth welcomes Mimi Bouchard, founder, and CEO of Superhuman, an incredible app that is changing the game and providing guided meditations that calm, motivate, and inspire. Mimi talks with Elizabeth about her own journey in self-growth and realizing that how we view ourselves and the story we believe has everything to do with what we create in our life. Mimi gives resources she recommends for success and personal development, and where to start on the Superhuman app if you are a beginner or advanced meditator looking for something new. Mimi talks about how to shift your mindset, align your habits with the person you want to become, and a reminder that we are 100% in control of the outcome of our lives. Get ready to brighten your day and get inspired!

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