Conscious Skincare, Transparency, and Inclusivity
Conscious Skincare, Transparency, and Inclusivity

"We believe that every ingredient that we are using has a significant purpose." 

- Priscilla Tsai

Priscilla Tsai, Founder and CEO of cocokind, started with a mission to make high quality skin care at an affordable price, where tried and true ingredients met with the leading edge of natural beauty. She joins the show this week to talk with Elizabeth about how cocokind was born out of her own skin troubles, and why more expensive doesn’t always mean truly better ingredients. Priscilla shares how cocokind stays in it’s commitment to inclusivity, the most eco-friendly packaging, and marketing that is truthful and stands by their word. Priscilla also shares her own beauty routine, what cocokind product she is loving the most now, and what we can expect from the brand in the near future.

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