Creating Your Own Lane in Content Creation
Creating Your Own Lane in Content Creation

"If you just put yourself out there, you never know what can happen." 

- Rachel Mansfield

You probably have a recipe saved somewhere on your computer or phone from this week’s guest - author, blogger, and personality Rachel Mansfield. When she’s not testing out new recipes, chatting with her community about motherhood, or hosting her Just The Good Stuff podcast, Rachel is most likely on a walk or trying to take a bath in the middle of busy family time. Rachel joins Elizabeth to share how her relationship with food has evolved since college, and why it’s important to listen to your body and feed it all the good stuff. Rachel talks about staying organized with content creation, a few of her favorite recipes, and why it’s important to be constantly evolving as a digital creator. She also lets us in on a few of her own favorite tools and techniques for wellness, and the one Instagram follow that had her screaming with joy.

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