Live Purely With Sabeena Ladha
Live Purely With Sabeena Ladha

"If you're not embarrassed with your first packaging, then you're not doing your job." 

- Sabeena Ladha

Shooting Your Shot with Influencers and Creating Deux

Warning: this week may make you very hungry! Elizabeth welcomes Sabeena Ladha, the Founder and CEO of Deux, an enhanced cookie dough brand that you’ve probably seen while scrolling on TikTok or IG. Sabeena talks about the ingredients they use at Deux to make a healthier version of your favorite nostalgic (but not so great for you) delicious snack. She details how growing up in a small town in Texas and working at a traditional food brand led her down the path to knowing that her calling was wellness and that you could combine tasty foods with beneficial ingredients. Sabeena also talks about how she built Deux from the ground up with the help of her small but mighty team, why you don’t need things to be perfect to move forward, and she shares some great marketing strategies for social media and influencer marketing.

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