Making Healthy Food More Accessible
Making Healthy Food More Accessible

"Every little thing adds up to shifting our culture and country. So every bit every bit matters." 

- Sam Kass

Elizabeth welcomes Sam Kass, former White House Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition in the Obama administration. Today, Sam is a partner in Acre Venture Partners, investing in the future of food with a focus around climate change. Sam has a passion for an overall larger mission to help educate and empower others towards making healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly food choices. In the episode, Sam shares a few of his largest health campaigns to come out of the White House that he takes great pride in, how Michelle Obama helped healthy eating go even more mainstream, and he takes us back to his beginnings as a new chef in Vienna. Sam talks about how we can hold our private food companies more responsible, along with personal ways we can reduce waste and leave the planet in better condition. Finally, Sam talks about cooking for Oprah, a few of his own favorite recipes from his book Eat a Little Better, and how using more of your produce can help fund your next vacation.

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