How To Make The Perfect Açaí Bowl

Açaí bowls are one of my go-to breakfasts. It's like a thicker version of a smoothie you can enjoy by the spoonful and customize to your taste! They feature a blend of açaí and frozen fruit and are topped with nourishing ingredients like nut butter and granola.

If you've never tried making one, we've got you covered! Follow these simple steps to create the perfect açaí bowl.

Liz Acai Bowl

1.  Start With Frozen Fruit
Frozen fruit helps give the bowl a super thick consistency that is easy to eat. Plus, frozen fruit is just as nutritious and lasts much longer. Our favorite base is frozen açaí, bananas, and berries.

2. Add Your Favorite Milk
Unsweetened almond milk is a great option but other milks like oat or coconut work well too! The key is not to add too much liquid so the açaí bowl has a thick consistency. Start with 2/3 cup and gradually add more if needed.

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3. Sneak In Some Extra Nutrients 
Adding spinach, protein powder, yogurt, or even frozen cauliflower can help amp up the nutritional benefits of your açaí bowl and keep you feeling fuller longer.

4. Get Creative With Toppings
One of the best parts of an açaí bowl is what you put on top! Add texture and flavor with sliced banana, fresh berries, a nut butter or honey drizzle, and your favorite Purely Elizabeth Granola, such as our Berry Crisp Ancient Grain Granola or Honey Almond Probiotic Ancient Grain Granola.

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