our 3 pillars of action

Responsible Sourcing

We’re committed to sourcing a diversified mix of plant-based ingredients to maximize the nutrient density in our products and supporting farmers in adopting regenerative agriculture practices.

Business as a force for good

Every year we strive to continually improve our B Corp initiatives and better understand how our company’s operations and business model impact our workers, community, environment, customers, and governance.

Empowering communities

Our mission is to create a space where we can empower our community, employees, and partners to thrive on their wellness journey.

Pillar 1
Responsible sourcing

We intentionally select each ingredient in our foods for their nutritional value while also supporting our partner farmers in nurturing the ecosystem of their farms to produce healthier crops.


  • Regenerative impact program plus

    In 2023, we announced our partnership with Mad Agriculture for our first Regenerative Impact Program. This program will showcase a full system approach that views the entire farm operation as an ecosystem. Our hope is this will provide a model to the food industry looking to source for a more regenerative supply chain. Over the next three years, we will focus on the following work together:

    • Supporting partner farmers in the implementation of regenerative practices and conversion, starting with 500 acres of farmland in 2023 with opportunity for that number to grow.
    • Buying 100% of the regenerative organic oat crops grown from their partner farmers to incorporate into their supply chain.
    • Sponsoring scientific research and testing to measure the impact of regenerative farming on soil health, water conversation, biodiversity and nutrient density.

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  • Intentional Ingredients plus

    Through our investment in regenerative agriculture, our goal is to source ⅓ of our total ingredient pounds from regenerative agricultural practices by the end of 2026. Here’s where we are at today:

    • 86% of ingredient poundage is Certified Organic
    • 25% of ingredients are using regenerative practices
    • 150K lbs of coconut oil by weight are Regenerative Organic Certified
Pillar 2
Business as a force for good

B Corp Certified businesses are mission driven companies that balance purpose and profit. We’re committed to using our profits and growth to positively impact communities, employees and the planet.


  • Bcorp Planet plus

    Since 2015, Purely Elizabeth has been a B Corp certified business. We have set a goal of increasing the percentage of material, by volume, that comes from recycled materials, reused components, and/or certified sustainably sourced materials up to 74% by 2026.


  • Planet FWD plus

    In 2024, Purely Elizabeth is proud to be working with Planet FWD, the leading decarbonization platform for food and beverage companies, to measure our carbon footprint. We will be gathering the following results, which will allow us to develop a plan to reduce and offset our carbon impact.

    • Scope 1,2, 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory
    • Hotspot Analysis
    • Standards-compliant results
  • Big trees plus

    Big Tree Farms is the world’s largest and most sustainable coconut supply chain committed to positively impacting farmer communities and increasing inclusiveness of the coconut sugar industry.

    As part of El Nina, most of Indonesia experienced significant drought in Q4 ‘23. The impact on supply has been immense with some farmers having daily production columns reduced by over 50%. In response, we have embarked on a project with Big Tree Farms to support water access for drought prone production areas. Through this project, we are working to identify high risk supply areas in order to provide improved water access via a combination of deep wells, improved piping systems as well as water holding tanks.

Pillar 3
Empowering Communities

As part of our journey to help our community and employees thrive on their wellness journey, we’ve prioritized education and giving back. Currently Purely Elizabeth supports our employees with wellness and education benefits, paid volunteer time off, and company-wide give-back activities. But our work does not stop there.


  • Rodale Institute plus

    Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to growing the regenerative organic agriculture movement through rigorous research, farmer training and education. Through our donation, we are able to sponsor two students to complete their Farmer Training Program where they are able to confront one of the world’s greatest challenges: creating a resilient global food system that improves human health and the environment.

  • Whole Foods Foundation plus

    As part of the Whole Foods Foundation, Whole Planet is dedicated to supporting and uplifting smallholder farms with tools and training, economic opportunities, food security, and clean energy and water. As a part of their Building A Sustainable Future initiative, Purely Elizabeth will be able to directly support providing microcredit lending to smallholder farmers who live abroad by donating a portion of our granola and cereal sales to this fund.

  • Growing Gardens plus

    Growing Gardens is leading local efforts to educate and provide the Boulder and Longmont communities with organic farming practices and produce, including distributing thousands of pounds of produce, as well as plant starts and seeds, to low income community members to impart greater food security and hunger relief in the community. Our team has been fortunate enough to volunteer with them in the past, but have elevated our support of this local grassroots organization by becoming a proud sponsor of the work they do for our local community.

  • Women Owned Business plus

    As a women owned business, we strive to foster partnerships with women owned suppliers and advise other female founders. The WBENC Certification is important to Purely Elizabeth as it represents our dedication to the growth and success of women-owned businesses.

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