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At Purely Elizabeth, we're dedicated to growing our commitment to regenerative agriculture through farmer partnerships and responsible sourcing practices.

We can't ignore the impact

that planet health has on our personal health. An example is the link between soil and food health. A depletion of nutrients in soil, caused by years of conventional and industrial farming, results in a lack of nutrients in our food, along with lower crop yields, less biodiversity and so on. The solution is restoring the soil and ecosystem through regenerative agriculture. This has sparked our passion and commitment to regenerative agriculture because we believe it’s where we can make the biggest impact. We know it won’t happen overnight, but we’re commited to this journey and its role in helping you thrive.


It’s an alternative approach to conventional and industrial agriculture that instead values diversity, quality over quantity, farmer empowerment and more. Regenerative agriculture practices work to restore soil and ecosystem health, address inequity, and leave our land, waters, and climate in better shape for future generations.



Regenerative agriculture helps positively impact the wellbeing and empowerment of the farmers, their land, and their communities. Purely Elizabeth is supporting farmers to shift towards new and more sustainable farming practices.


Research and testing of the soil carbon, soil health, biodiversity, nutrient density in field crops, and the overall health of the farm is important to track the causes and effects of how regenerative practices impact Earth and its people.


Purely Elizabeth is committed to responsibly sourcing ingredients to ensure quality food and to minimize our environmental impact. We proudly support farms incorporating regenerative practices and continually research new opportunities to grow that number.

Meet our Partners who share our passion for regenerative agriculture and plant health


Mad Ag

Mad Agriculture is a Colorado-based non-profit helping farmers across the country transition to and thrive in regenerative organic agriculture. They work from head to heart, poetry to science, financing to markets, and soil to shelf to meet farmers where they’re at on their regenerative journeys. Their four core branches ensure that farmers have the financial (Mad Capital), strategic (Mad Lands), connective (Mad Markets), and creative (Mad Media) support that they need to thrive.

Mad Ag contributes to these products:

Coming soon! Our first harvest is in fall of 2023

Coconut Sugar

Aliet Green

Aliet Green was founded by Lastiana Yuliandari in 2009. Her idea behind the company was to prioritize being ethically responsible for soil, climate, biodiversity, society, economy, and water. Aliet Green continues to uphold those values through achieving Regenerative Certification in 2022, having women make up 70% of their workforce, and continually invest back into the infrastructure of their community.

Aliet Green contributes to these products:


Bay State Milling Saskatoon

Located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, BSM Saskatoon has been focused on continually improving their organic practices and has begun the pursuit of regenerative certification. Already upholding beneficial farm practices, BSM Saskatoon continues to be a leader in their technique and passion for improving soil health while continuing their dedication to provide certified gluten-free oats.

Bay State Milling Saskatoon contributes to these products:


Treehouse Almonds

Located in the San Joaquin Valley (California), Treehouse Farms focuses on the health of their land and orchards through land conservation efforts, supporting bee populations, water conservation, and soil health monitoring. Sourcing directly from their own farms + a small group of local farming families, their quality and impact is unparallel.

Treehouse Almonds contributes to these products:


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