Starting Small, Embracing Inclusivity, and Making Time For Family: Denise Woodard of Partake Foods

Denise Woodard started out as a frustrated food allergy mom, and soon realized there was such a need for healthy and allergy free food - that actually tasted great. Now the CEO and Founder of Partake Foods, found in huge retail stores like Whole Foods and Target, Denise went from selling cookies out of her own car to having big celebrity fans like Jay-Z and Rihanna. In this episode, Denise talks with Elizabeth about what she learned from her corporate role at Coke and how she knew it was time to branch out on her own, what makes Partake’s treats stand out, and great shareables from experience as a leader and fundraiser. As a Black Woman CEO, Denise makes it a priority to hire an inclusive team and give back to the community, and she tells us about creating The Black Futures in Food & Beverage Program and ways she makes sure the Partake team represents all voices.

It’s amazing how the right yes or the right email forward can totally change the trajectory of your business and your life. -Denise Woodard

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