Mari Llewellyn of Bloom Nutrition: Diet and Mental Health, Creating Lasting Habits and Strategies for Self Discipline

It’s an extremely inspiring episode with Mari Llewellyn, the remarkable founder and president of Bloom Nutrition, creator of the revolutionary Slay app, and host of the popular Pursuit of Wellness podcast. Mari's personal journey in health and wellness, including her own transformation and weight loss journey, led her to become a mental health advocate and fitness entrepreneur, recognized on Forbes' prestigious 30 Under 30 list. In this episode, Mari opens up about her experiences hitting rock bottom and shares tips for creating lasting habit changes and achieving optimal well-being. She discusses her favorite healing foods, workout routines, and strategies for mental health, self-discipline, and self-love. Mari's passion for using food as medicine has influenced her journey and now she has a huge community invested in the transformative power of wellness. She and Elizabeth also talk about hyping yourself up when embarking on a transformation, building confidence with small baby steps, and how women are becoming a louder voice in the wellness arena.


For me, it wasn't just about getting through a workout. It meant so much more. I know it's kind of cheesy, but I always compare fitness to life. I think the reason I have the work ethic I have is because of fitness.


-Mari Llewellyn


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