Balancing Your Hormones, Combatting PMS, and Cycle Syncing
Balancing Your Hormones, Combatting PMS, and Cycle Syncing

"I do think it’s so important to recognize that you’re in the best position to be at the helm of your healthcare journey, and that the people you bring on board whether it’s your doctor or other providers, they work for you." 

- Alisa Vitti

Elizabeth welcomes world renowned hormone expert, functional nutritionist and author Alisa Vitti to the show this week. You may already be familiar with Alisa’s MyFlo app, where women can use cycle syncing to balance their hormones and easily track all four phases of their cycle. There, they can choose the movement, foods, and activities that will set them best up for success to work with their body. Alisa shares how she got into biohacking the female body, and healed her own hormonal issues, why knowing your cycle gives you power and freedom, and ways to join her community of thousands of other cycle syncing women. Alisa is also the author of the best selling books WomanCode, and In the Flo: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life.

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