Following Your Gut Instinct In Business and Self Care
Following Your Gut Instinct In Business and Self Care

"I think the fear goes out the window when in your heart and in your gut, you’re doing what you should be doing." 

- Allison Ellsworth

She may have been called a “cockroach” by Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank, but this week’s guest is also a business owner and founder, proud mom, and wife, and wellness advocate. Allison Ellsworth is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Poppi, the prebiotic healthy soda brand that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram and TikTok. Allison joins Elizabeth to talk about finding relief from her own constant health issues after experimenting with daily shots of apple cider vinegar, and how that sparked the initial seeds for creating Poppi. She shares how she was discovered at a farmer’s market by a Whole Foods buyer, getting a life-changing deal on Shark Tank with “The Brandfather” Rohan Oza, Poppi’s commitment to keeping it clean, and finding time for self-care while growing a huge brand.

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