Live Purely with Dr. Frank Lipman
Live Purely with Dr. Frank Lipman

"Sleep should be happening naturally. It’s one of the most important factors in health and it’s free." 

- Dr. Frank Lipman

Why Sleep Is The #1 Health Habit You May Be Ignoring with Dr. Frank Lipman

This week, Elizabeth talks about all things sleep with Functional Medicine pioneer Dr. Frank Lipman. Dr. Frank shares what called him to Functional Medicine and why he feels patient driven data and taking charge of your health is the way of the future. He and Elizabeth talk about why we are so sleep deprived as a nation, why sleep is so important, and how it affects just about every mechanism within our body. He talks about a few easy and inexpensive ways to start having better sleep habits including his new book Better Sleep, Better You, even if you are a busy person on the go. Finally, Dr. Frank shares how he tracks his sleep, and what he does with that data to support his overall health plan.

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