Live Purely With Lindsey Cunningham
Live Purely With Lindsey Cunningham

"If you’re not growing and evolving, you are dying. You are stagnant. So, it’s just a lesson to trust your gut, listen to consumers, yourself, and see what’s best for the bottom line as well." 

- Lindsey Cunningham

Pioneering in Plant Based Food and Learning to Say No

It’s all about the future of food this week as Elizabeth welcomes friend and co-founder/CEO of RollinGreens, Lindsey Cunningham. Lindsey and her team at RollinGreens pride themselves on focusing on chef-driven recipes and honest real ingredients, leaving out any of the fake stuff. In this episode, Lindsey talks about working with her husband and the amazing journey they are on together, how they went from food truck to the freezer section of Whole Foods Market, and why they decided to now pivot to shelf-stable products. Lindsey and Elizabeth talk about the importance of plant-based foods tasting great, why saying “no” is awesome, and how to respect your own boundaries to feel your best. Lindsey shares a few of her favorite tools for stress management and gives a behind the scenes look at her time on Shark Tank and regular appearances on QVC.

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