A Practical Guide to Approach Wellness with Joy
A Practical Guide to Approach Wellness with Joy

"The biggest message is that you are the CEO of your own life, you're an adult, you're making the rules. And the hard work is really understanding. You can take all this information, but only you will know if it should be integrated into your life to help you live your life well." 

- Colleen Wachob

Jason and Colleen Wachob from the popular lifestyle brand and site mindbodygreen return for their third appearance, bringing invaluable insights from their latest book out now, "The Joy of Wellbeing: A Practical Guide to a Happy, Healthy, and Long Life." With over 15 years of leadership in the health and wellness conversation, they share practical and accessible guidance for fostering a compassionate approach to holistic health and longevity. Colleen and Jason discuss their intention to help readers define and embrace their own well-lived lives while finding joy in the process. They discuss personal lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in their views on diet and exercise, including increased protein intake and incorporating resistance training. Additionally, they highlight transformative practices like sleep, breathwork, and community, chosen for their accessibility, scientific grounding, and potential to bring joy.

Preorder Jason & Colleen's new book, The Joy of Well-being here.

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