Live Purely with Paul Kempisty
Live Purely with Paul Kempisty

"I think it really behooves people to try something natural, because more often than not, they do get a response, they do get a benefit. Many times they get what’s considered an impossible resolution or cure." 

- Paul Kempisty

Top NYC Acupuncturist and Herbal Specialist Shares “No Approach” Approach To Wellness

Elizabeth welcomes Paul Kempisty, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, and Chinese Medicine Specialist based in New York City. Paul combines Western and Eastern proven modalities to support his clients at the root level, and describes his “no approach” approach to health and wellness. He talks about why we should consider natural and non-toxic treatments, the benefits of acupuncture for many different conditions, and a few of his favorite herbs for immunity support and stress. Paul also shares how he uses the pulse and tongue to find imbalances in the body and why you may find this top practitioner taking a break to get some laughs on YouTube.

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