Tips on Minimizing Food Waste
Tips on Minimizing Food Waste

Food waste is a huge issue in our country and while we can't solve it in one day, we can take simple steps and do our part to help minimize food waste:

  1. Before grocery shopping, create a menu for the week utilizing all the fresh ingredients you are buying. Plan out the recipes so that you are using up that entire bag of spinach. If I do have ingredients remaining by the end of the week, I love to challenge myself to make a recipe using the last scraps.
  2. Cook once, eat twice. Rather then having extra food that you throw away, I intentionally use up all my fresh ingredients to enjoy for both dinner and lunch the following day (or I'll freeze the leftovers if I have other plans)
  3. Buy too many fresh herbs that you won't be using? Chop them up and add into an ice cube tray with olive oil. Next time you are cooking, you have instant fresh herbs!
  4. Extend the life of your fruits, vegetables and herbs by storing them correctly! There are countless different ways certain produce should be stored. For example, scallions should be stored with their roots in water and Saran Wrap around. This will extend the life in the fridge by almost 2 weeks.
  5. Store your foods (cooked or raw) in Bee's Wax. Bee's Wrap is a plastic-free, fully biodegradable food wrap made with organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. The natural antibacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil help keep food fresh, and allow Bee's Wrap to be used again and again.
  6. All those food scraps piling up? Use them to feed your dog, compost or save for a vegetable stock.

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