Live Purely With Sarah Gibson Tuttle
Live Purely With Sarah Gibson Tuttle

"We make products that work. We don’t try to come out with products you don’t need or that don’t work." 

- Sarah Gibson Tuttle

Creating Olive & June, The Dry Bar of Nails

Elizabeth’s guest this week promises that you can get a Beverly Hills style manicure, right in the comfort of your own home. Sarah Tuttle is the Founder and CEO of Olive & June, and has revolutionized the nail category and successfully democratized the nail salon experience. In 2021, Sarah was named Inc.’s Female Founders 100 List, and she takes her role as a trailblazer and disrupter very seriously, with a wide brush of fun. Sarah and Elizabeth chat about the importance of listening to your customers and your gut when growing your business, and Sarah shares some great productivity hacks. She talks about how she changed Olive & June’s business model during the pandemic, and the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded business leaders and friends for support while on the entrepreneurial journey.

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