3 Easy Ways To Live More Sustainably with Danny Seo 
3 Easy Ways To Live More Sustainably with Danny Seo 

Sometimes trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Great news for you, this week on the Live Purely Podcast, I chatted with Danny Seo, who is known for his creative ideas that have made him America's leading authority on modern, eco-friendly living. During this episode, Danny shares some easy tips that can help you work towards a more sustainable lifestyle so we can preserve and protect our shared home. Keep reading to learn how and listen to the full episode below to learn about how Danny got started in this industry.


We all love to get new clothes and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but in my conversation with Danny, he challenges us to ask ourselves two questions before swiping our card:

1) Do I really need it? For most of us, we always say yes because we don't know the difference between want and need.
2) Would I wear this at least 30 times?

These guidelines can help you make smarter choices when spending. You also might be thinking, well I can just donate it, but did you know that places like Goodwill & Salvation Army actually don't really want it either and then billions of garments end up in landfills. So as much as you can, try to ask yourself these questions before buying. There's also the question about buying something new for a special occasion. Danny suggests trying companies like Rent The Runway or borrowing something from a friend to give it new life.


Not all of us have the luxury of being able to compost because where you live doesn't offer those services or your living space is too small for that. Danny talks about how much he loves his Vitamin Food Cycler, which he puts all his scraps in and overnight it turns into a nutritional dust. Another way you can get clever with your food waste is by using your expired milk and diluting it with water to feed your plants.


Did you know that the reason single-use plastic water bottles have an expiration date is not because the water is going bad but because the plastic is degrading and going bad? Not only is this not beneficial to our planet, but it isn't helping our personal wellness either. Also, giving up buying single-use plastic water bottles can actually save $1,400 a year on the low end and who doesn't love saving some extra bucks? Some of my favorite refillable water bottles are brands like Stanley, Hydroflask, Yeti, and S'well. Nowadays there are refillable water stations everywhere so it's such an easy first step to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle. If all the other tips sound too overwhelming, this is the one you can dive into to begin your sustainability journey.


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