Cycle Syncing: How to Live in Sync With Your Menstrual Cycle

with Alisa Vitti, Founder & CEO of Flo Living

Named by Vogue as “the wellness trend every woman should try for a happier, healthier life,” cycle syncing is a method that hormone expert, functional nutritionist, and MyFlo app creator Alisa Vitti created to help women understand each phase of their menstrual cycle on a deeper level so they are equipped with the knowledge to optimize their health. This framework “matches food, workouts and lifestyle with your cycle phases so you can feel your best, every day of the month.” In my conversation with Alisa on the Live Purely Podcast, she dove deep into each phase of the menstrual cycle and gave tips on how to start living more in tune with your body in each phase.

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During this phase, your ovaries are in the process of maturing your eggs to prepare for ovulation. In the follicular phase, your estrogen and testosterone levels are slowly beginning to rise as well. As a result, you are likely to feel a boost of energy. During this phase, engaging in strenuous exercise that gets your heart pumping will likely feel good.


The ovulatory phase starts when one egg reaches full maturity and travels down the fallopian tube toward the uterus. During this phase, your estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak which translates to even higher levels of energy than in the follicular phase. Libido is also at its highest during this phase.

 “It feels really revelatory and celebratory to start living this way, so I think a lot of women are really enjoying coming home to themselves for the first time and feeling good.” - Alisa Vitti 


This is the longest phase of your menstrual cycle, lasting 10-12 days on average. Estrogen and testosterone begin to decline and your body starts to produce progesterone, which is equivalent to your body taking a long exhale. Your body is also building the endometrium during the luteal phase, otherwise known as the uterine lining. During this phase, you will likely feel more drawn toward rest which creates space to feel calm and focused.


The first day of bleeding marks the beginning of the menstrual phase. Progesterone plunges which causes the endometrium to shed and begins what is known as your period. This phase typically lasts 3-7 days. Energy can be lower during this phase, so practice gentle movement such as yoga and short walks outside.

If you’re curious to learn more from Alisa and what she’s up to at Flo Living, listen to the full episode below!

 Listen to the full episode here to learn more: 

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