Favorite Peloton Workouts

What I'm Loving for Feb 2022

I love changing up my workouts to keep things fresh and fun, here are a few of my favorites on the Peloton App:

Cycling: Alex Touissant
Nothing better then a hip-hop class (you'll see this theme quite a bit!). Alex is one of my favorites who always brings great music that makes you want to move.

Bootcamp: Jess Sims
Jess is my go to for bike bootcamp classes. I love that these classes mix in time on the bike and on the floor with weights. The class goes by so quickly by changing up the motions and she loves a good 90's hip hop.

Yoga: Kristin McGee
Kristin is my favorite for power yoga classes. These classes blend slower movement yoga with higher intensity flow. Her soothing voice helps to destress and always come out feeling better.

Strength: Rebecca Kennedy
I met Rebecca at a Mind Body Green event a few years back and have been hooked on her strength training classes ever since. They are always super challenging, but fun at the same time. Of course I prefer her hip-hop classes as well.

Meditation: Aditi Shah
I love that the app features mediations that are just 5 minutes (and of course longer ones as well). Aditi has some great classes ranging from sleep meditations to energizing meditation - all with just 5 minutes of focus and breath.

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