At Purely Elizabeth, we’re dedicated to growing our commitment to regenerative agriculture through farmer partnerships and responsible sourcing practices. Regenerative agriculture practices work to restore soil and ecosystem health, address inequity, and leave our land, waters, and climate in better shape for future generations. We are very excited to be embarking on our newest project with Mad Agriculture to begin our journey investing in regenerative agriculture.

Mad Agriculture is a Colorado-based non-profit helping farmers across the country transition to and thrive in regenerative organic agriculture. They work from head to heart, poetry to science, financing to markets, and soil to shelf to meet farmers where they’re at on their regenerative journeys. Their four core branches ensure that farmers have the financial (Mad Capital), strategic (Mad Lands), connective (Mad Markets), and creative (Mad Media) support that they need to thrive.

One of our first steps for this project will be to measure how farming oats regeneratively impacts the health of soil and how we can continue to incorporate regenerative grown ingredients here at Purely Elizabeth. We want to know more than just who our farmers are, but how their farming practices impact our food and planet. This three year impact project is set up to answer a number of questions we can’t stop asking:


We can’t ignore the impact that planet health has on our personal health. A striking example is the link between soil health and food health. A depletion of nutrients in soil, results in a lack of nutrients in our food, along with lower crop yields, less biodiversity, carbon sequestration and so on. Research like this has sparked our passion for regenerative agriculture and propelled our sustainability journey. We know it won’t happen overnight, but we’re committed to this journey and its essential role in helping you thrive.


Prairie Grass Ranch

Jody & Crystal Manuel run an organic, third-generation farm in northern Montana, where they raise crops (like oats, all kinds of legumes, and alfalfa) and animals (like grass-fed beef). The duo manages their land with intention, in ecological balance with the hilly, dry system that surrounds them. At Prairie Grass Ranch, the management decisions that they make reflect the larger vision of agriculture in their region: perennialization, animal integration, connection to regional markets, and community. Through this partnership with Purely Elizabeth, Jody & Crystal will sell their first of many Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) oats.

Ulhorn Family Farms

Brent Ulhorn runs Ulhorn Family Farms in Cottonwood, Idaho, where he’s pushing the limits on our understanding of what the land can be. From planting grapes for wine in an area known for staple crops, to significantly reducing their use of chemical inputs, Brent and his family have no problem with farming against the norm and turning heads. Through this partnership with Purely Elizabeth, Brent will be transitioning over 200 acres of conventional oats to organic in his fields this season–all of which will end up in breakfast bowls across the country later this fall.

“Eating is an agricultural act. And how we eat determines to a large extent, how the world is used.” - Wendell Berry

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