Top Beauty, Health & Nutrition Trends in 2023
Top Beauty, Health & Nutrition Trends in 2023

We're starting season 5 of the Live Purely Podcast strong as I am joined by mindbodygreen Founders and CEOs Jason and Colleen Wachob to dive into wellness trends they see rising in 2023 and beyond. They share some invaluable tips and insights in the wellness world, from making simple changes in your home and morning routine to support your circadian rhythm to how the combination of sufficient protein and resistance training can be an absolute game changer for women in many ways, specifically for longevity. I am sharing the top beauty, nutrition, fitness, and home trends that Jason & Colleen shared below. You can find the full episode below to dive in deeper.


An evolution of the "third space"

The "third space" is a place where humans can convene in areas that are not their home(first space) or work(second space). There are wellness centers emerging that have many cross-disciplines and modalities across them. In the past, you had to go to different spaces for yoga, therapy, or whatever your interests were. Now, these wellness centers are popping up that have multiple modalities that offer longevity, are more accessible, and are where you can convene with others and feel a sense of community. These spaces will offer hot cold therapies like cold plunges and saunas and allow you to participate in these things with groups which can make it more enjoyable. This is especially important as we're in the midst of a pandemic and can often feel lonely, so this third space can offer longevity and wellbeing through community and therapy.


Prioritizing protein in your meals

If you're focused on longevity, resistance training and muscle building need to be a part of the conversation, and to do that you need to ingest protein. Many who study protein and protein muscle synthesis suggest you need to ingest approximately 30g of protein in each sitting. Since not all protein is created equal, the easiest way to meet this goal is to consume animal protein since it's higher in protein than plant protein.


Incorporating strength training into your fitness routine for longevity

Strength training is crucial for building muscle, which is one of the keys to longevity. Muscles play a protective role against age-related injuries and diseases so building muscle mass can support this. This goes hand with our need for prioritizing protein.


Designing homes to support circadian rhythm

Sleep is a problem that so many of us struggle with and some of the big optimizations come when you start your day. Simple things you can do and invest in at home are getting daily sunlight first thing in the morning, getting blackout curtains, or an alarm clock that helps usher in that morning light.


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