Reinvention, Balance, and Building Business
Reinvention, Balance, and Building Business

"I’m a big believer of doing what you love and what makes you happy and what lights you up, and I’m in the process right now of figuring out what that is." 

- Alli Webb

This week, Elizabeth welcomes serial entrepreneur and investor Alli Webb. Alli is the Co-Founder of Dry Bar, Squeeze, and Becket + Quill, all businesses that provide a high-quality solution to help customers feel more beautiful and confident in a consistently trustworthy and convenient experience. In this episode, Alli talks about how she built Drybar after seeing the need for a blow-dry bar, and what she learned while building the business from the ground up. She talks about her experience being both a visionary and player in the day-to-day parts of the business and reminds us that we shouldn’t let perfection get in the way of progress. Alli opens up about her own wellness reinvention, finding love again, and the transformation she had when giving up gluten. Alli is a super inspiring woman and business owner, so get ready to learn from one of the best and have some fun!

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