Live Purely With Ara Katz
Live Purely With Ara Katz

"The more I understood about the microbial world, the more I felt very compelled that this was where I wanted to create the biggest impact." 

- Ara Katz

Planting the Seed for a Healthy Microbiome and a Happy Gut

Elizabeth welcomes Ara Katz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Seed Health, a microbial science company pioneering probiotics and other applications of microbes for human planetary health. Ara talks about her journey of combining a love of nerdy science, health, and entrepreneurialism with Seed, and how her experience working with leading multiple eCommerce brands and startups set her up for success. Ara breaks down myths related to gut health and probiotics, how birth affects our microbiome, and some of the biggest offenders on our gut. Ara talks about what makes Seed’s products stand out from the crowd, how she met her Seed partner Raja, and ways we can nourish our gut with specific foods and the right choices.

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