Live Purely With Justin Kamine
Live Purely With Justin Kamine

"That’s the core mission - we are all in this together to really enable us to have long term sustainability and a planet to actually live on." 

- Justin Kamine

Combating Climate Change and Fighting Food Waste

Justin Kamine is the co-founder of Do Good Foods, a company built on a mission to solve environmental issues through changing large infrastructures and providing sustainable and measurable solutions. Justin joins the show to talk with Elizabeth about founding Do Good Foods with his brother Matthew, and their passion for solving food waste on a grand scale. He shares his vision for the future of food and dives into the ways that Do Good Chicken has created a closed-loop system of taking food waste from supermarkets, turning that waste into chicken seed, and selling those chickens on retail shelves. Get ready to be inspired and learn some actionable tips for saving the planet, one meal at a time.

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