Revolutionizing Your Favorite Snack
Revolutionizing Your Favorite Snack

"When you know, you ask questions, and then you can change things for the better." 

- Kristy Lewis

This week, Elizabeth is joined by Kristy Lewis, Founder and CEO of the natural food company Quinn Snacks, and host of the Be Better, Do Better podcast. Kristy and her team at Quinn Snacks are on a mission to revolutionize the way we package, source, and consume our foods, one tasty snack at a time. Kristy shares how she developed her delicious popcorn to use real ingredients and support the process of regenerative agriculture. She also talks about how creating Quinn’s pretzels were a game changer for the company, why we should aim for progress (not perfection), and the inner mindset shifts she has made to fully embrace her personal and professional dreams.

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