Accessibility in Wellness and Creating Mindful Mornings
Accessibility in Wellness and Creating Mindful Mornings

"Create mindful mornings. I think the way you start your day really has the power to set the tone for the day, and for the week, and it really can have a big impact." 

- Rebecca Parekh

Elizabeth welcomes Rebecca Parekh, Co-Founder and CEO of The Well, your one stop shop for wellness, bringing Eastern and Western healing modalities under one roof. The Well now has locations in NYC, Costa Rica, and Connecticut, and will be expanding to help more people around the world feel their best by integrating modern medicine and ancient healing. Rebecca shares how she saw the need for a place like The Well as a busy trader in New York, and then she and Elizabeth chat about tips for sleep and time management, how to view your plate in an abundant way, and why you should never postpone joy. Rebecca also walks us through her morning schedule and how she intentionally creates space to ground herself, move, and create the space she needs to perform at her highest level.

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