Let’s be honest, most of us spend the majority of our days behind a desk. All in all this can add up to more hours than we spend in our actual homes! I for one feel entirely more productive when I have a space that calms yet also energizes me. Here are some tips for turning your dreary desk into a soothing sanctuary.

  1. First things first – Declutter!

If you have old papers, memos, to-do lists or anything else simply hanging around, I highly recommend either throwing it away or storing it elsewhere. Find some cute desk organizers to keep pens and other office supplies tidy and then put the rest away! Clear space – clear mind.

  1. Bring nature inside

Just like with my house, I really enjoy having fresh plants or flowers present on my desk. If you’re not up for the task of watering, try succulents or cacti which are much less maintenance. You can also try unique stones or seashells for whatever makes you feel at peace.

  1. Lighten up

Having proper lighting can make a dramatic difference in mood. Find as much natural light as possible, which will help with your circadian rhythms. You can also bring in some fun or interesting light fixtures to add a little flair.

  1. Express your personality

Display items in your office or at your desk that make you smile and remind you of loved ones or cherished memories. Create an inspiration board containing pictures of your dreams and goals. Place souvenirs or decorations that mean something to you where you can see them daily. Curate your very own happy place.

  1. Snack in style

Okay so this doesn’t necessarily have to be in sight, but it’s always helpful to have a handy snack drawer filled with healthy foods to keep you going. Some of my favorites are our granola minis, mixed nuts, fresh fruit and protein bars. I also have OM mushroom powder and collagen protein packets on hand to mix into my water, coffee or tea for a pick-me-up.

Follow these steps and you’ll have your very own zen den in no time!