Regenerative Agriculture Resources
Regenerative Agriculture Resources

"Purely Elizabeth has been committed to the healing power of food. We believe there is a direct connection between the health of our farms and the health of our food. This has sparked our passion and commitment to regenerative agriculture because we believe it’s where we can make the biggest impact."

- Elizabeth
Founder & CEO

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative farming is based on a fairly simple idea — that agriculture should both avoid bad practices and actively pursue holistic methods to replenish the earth. The goal is to improve soil health while also protecting biodiversity and water resources. Regenerative farming includes practices such as growing cover crops, diversifying crop rotation, minimizing tillage, organic fertilization or grazing livestock to enrich soil. Healthier soil helps restore broken ecosystem cycles and increases resilience against climate change impacts.

Below is a list of resources from movies, to education materials to leaders to follow in the regenerative agriculture space.



The Biggest Little Farm
Kiss the Ground
To Which We Belong
Farmers Footprint

Educational Resources

Mad Agriculture’s Regenerative Stewardship Curriculum
Rodale’s Online Courses
Rodale’s Resources
Practical Farmers of Iowa
Savanna Institute Online Courses
Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate Training
Savory Institute Resources
Regenerative Organic Alliance

Leaders to Follow in The Space

Ethan Soloviev
Carol Sanford
Max Goldberg

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