The Perfect Holiday Charcuterie Board
The Perfect Holiday Charcuterie Board

Prep time: 10 minutes

Serving size: 1

Difficulty: Easy

Everyone will be raving about this beautiful, festive, and tasty charcuterie board. You'll be the hostess with the mostest! With the inclusion of different types of cheeses, fruits, nuts, herbs, crackers and granola, there is something for everyone.

No matter what you add to your charcuterie board, you can be confident that you are providing a beautiful masterpiece of delicious food for your friends, family or even just a night in for yourself!


½ cup Honey Almond Probiotic Granola

Fresh herbs and greenery

20 crackers (any variety you'd like)

½ cup greek olives

½ cup marcona almonds

½ cup dried figs

1 cup grapes

6oz brie cheese

4oz manchego cheese

4oz cheddar and gruyere cheese

Small ramekin full of honey


  1. On a large round platter, layer the herbs and greenery in a circle outlining the board. Save a few sprigs to interact as you go.
  2. Place the olives, ¾ of the almonds and the figs into individual small cups and place them randomly around the greenery.
  3. Separate the grapes into three different bunches and add them randomly to the outer part of the tray.
  4. Add the crackers, and cheeses.
  5. Scatter the granola and remaining almonds in the empty spaces to fill in the wreath and serve.
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