All Adaptogens Aren’t Created Equally
All Adaptogens Aren’t Created Equally

"The things that I do to stay inspired is number one, really take care of my health from a biological standpoint. That’s huge for me." 

- Amanda Chantal Bacon

Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice: All Adaptogens Aren’t Created Equally

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder and CEO of Moon Juice, joins the show this week. Amanda is a pioneer in the global wellness revolution since starting Moon Juice in 2011, and she walks us through some of career highlights and lessons learned from opening two storefronts and creating a comprehensive collection of adaptogenic supplements and skincare, publishing the Moon Juice Cookbook in 2016 and a follow up Moon Juice Manual in 2021. Amanda also opens up about lessons learned while working in some of the top kitchens, how adaptogens help our body deal with stress, and some of her own non-negotiables when it comes to rest, focus, and energy. She talks about a few of Moon Juice’s products including the fan favorite Moon Dust, and gives a glimpse into their new skincare line that has been years in the making.

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