Top 5 Health Tips and How To Get a Champion's Mindset
Top 5 Health Tips and How To Get a Champion's Mindset

"You can get incrementally more and more into what you want. Eventually, it slides over and takes over the dominance of your time, energy, and perhaps your cash flow." 

- Danica Patrick

The legendary trailblazer Danica Patrick joins the show this week for an inspiring chat on health, mindset, trusting your gut, and going after your dreams. She broke barriers as a fierce competitor in the male dominated world of motorsports as an IndyCar and NASCAR driver, before retiring in 2018. Danica talks with Elizabeth about her journey into both racing and business, and shares some golden nuggets about following your intuition, keeping your mindset high, and not settling for anything less than what you desire. Danica opens up about her recent breast implant removal surgery, and how both listening to her own gut and others share their story helped to light a path for her as she experienced various health issues.

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