Fueled by Fungi, Movement, and Mother Nature
Fueled by Fungi, Movement, and Mother Nature

"Self-care is so important. For me, connecting with nature is the biggest thing that I do." 

- Sandra Carter

Think it’s time you found out what all the fuss on fungi’s is all about? This week, Elizabeth is joined by Dr. Sandra Carter, health and wellness expert with a PhD in preventive medicine, and the founder of OM Mushrooms, the fastest growing brand of organic whole food functional mushrooms. Sandra talks about how her early career as an epidemiologist led her down the mushroom path, and what makes them one of the healthiest healing foods in the world. She talks about OM’s commitment to quality and transparency, and why certain mushroom blends are in particular products. Sandra gives us all the details on how mushrooms are grown, her favorite OM products and what’s next for the brand, and the moments at OM that have deeply moved her with gratitude and pride.

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