Pushing The Supplement and Skin Care Industry Forward
Pushing The Supplement and Skin Care Industry Forward

"It’s not enough to just have an idea, but you have to be deeply committed and invested in it and understand what it has to do with your soul purpose." 

- Katerina Schneider

Chances are, you’ve seen Ritual’s beautiful products somewhere on the shelves or on your screen. This week, Elizabeth welcomes Katerina Schneider, founder and CEO of Ritual, a personal health brand revolutionizing the health and wellness industry with unparalleled transparency. Struggling to find trustworthy prenatal vitamins during her own pregnancy, Katerina took matters into her own hands. She established a new standard of excellence in multivitamins and supplements, grounded in scientific research and complete traceability. Today, Ritual is one of the most reliable and respected brands in its category. Katerina talks about her holistic upbringing, her Ukrainian roots, and her previous ventures in investment banking and at Universal Music. She shares how Ritual is reshaping the industry with its focus on traceable ingredients, shedding light on the industry's lack of transparency, and the need for stricter regulations in the realm of supplementation. Katerina also imparts valuable insights into what consumers should consider when purchasing supplements. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with the visionary behind Ritual.

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