Biohacking and The Optimal Diet
Biohacking and The Optimal Diet

"We want to put more of the positive things into the body and into your environment and take out the negative ones for optimal brain health." 

- Kayla Barnes

Entrepreneur and Certified Brain Health Coach Kayla Barnes joins Elizabeth this week to share some cutting edge research along with tried and true ways that you can have a healthy brain, boost your mood, and operate at peak performance. Kayla first talks about her own personal journey into seeing how brain health is quite literally everything when it comes to our life, and how her vision of what is possible when studying the brain changed when she started studying with Dr. Daniel Amen. She talks about some great brain friendly foods and supplements to add to your diet, the importance of sleep, and managing other lifestyle factors like stress and glucose levels. She also dives into a few of the biggest disruptors when it comes to optimal brain health, and what we can do to remedy it.

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