Reaching Food Freedom with CEO + Founder of Whole30
Reaching Food Freedom with CEO + Founder of Whole30

"Let’s find small ways to remind ourselves that we are worthy" 

- Melissa Urban

Chances are you have either given the Whole30 protocol a go yourself, or know someone that has. This week, Elizabeth welcomes the powerhouse behind the movement, Co-Founder Melissa Urban. Melissa shares how Whole30 went from a blog shared with a small CrossFit community, to a household name helping millions, and partnering with huge brands like Chipotle and Walmart. Melissa talks about the science behind Whole30, and how her mission to help people with their health and habits really starts with food freedom. Melissa shares how she stays committed to high quality and clean ingredients in who she works with and the products Whole30 directly comes out with, the small self care things we can easily work into our day, and why you should always use the good fork.

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