My Everyday Wellness Routine

My Everyday Wellness Routine

Here's my everyday wellness routine. Spend a day alongside me:

5:30am - Wake up
First thing I do is get my two Portuguese Water Dogs (Charlie + Aspen), up and outside. Now that it's light and warm in the morning, I take them out and play for a bit and soak in the morning light (Getting sunlight first thing when you wake it supposed to be great for your circadian rhyme).

While they eat breakfast, I have my OM NRG Matrix and Seed Probiotic and listen to Superhuman morning meditation.

6:30am - Workout
I absolutely love to workout for the physical and mental benefits. Right now I'm doing a mix of running, hiking, strength training and yoga. I love my Peloton, Mirror and Core Power Yoga.

10:00am - Breakfast
I try to intermittent fast most days, so this is usually around the time that I've done a 14-16 hour fast. With the warmer weather, I've been breaking my fast with our new Mixed Berry Oatmeal soaked in homemade cashew milk as overnight oats, or a smoothie topped with our Honey Peanut Butter Granola or Chia Pudding with peaches + our Vanilla Almond Butter Grain Free Granola.

Everyday Wellness Routine

1pm - Lunch
I've been in back-to-back meetings and come up for a breath of air, getting outside to walk my dogs for a bit (and hit my 10,000 step day goal). Lunch is usually leftovers - some sort of greens and protein

5pm - Evening Routine
If I'm not going out with friends, I head from our office and spend some time in my yard or walking around the neighborhood with my dogs. I love to cook a homemade dinner and that is my time to decompress, relax and get creative. I try to finish eating by 6:30pm to give my body the time to rest and regenerate.

8pm - Wind Down
I love to get in bed early, so I start to wind down in this hour and do the things that make me feel great, like taking a bath, warm shower, doing my night skincare routine, reading, watching something funny and of course some scrolling on social. I'm usually asleep by 9:30pm

Everyday Wellness Routine

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