What is Prebiotic Fiber?
What is Prebiotic Fiber?

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We've introduced Prebiotic Fiber into select items to deliver an Excellent Source of Fiber to your breakfast routine. But what is Prebiotic Fiber and why is it so important to include in your diet? Keep reading below to see why we decided to make this addition in a few of our products.

What is Prebiotic Fiber?
We're sure you've heard of probiotics and how they support a healthy microbiome, so what's the difference between that and a prebiotic? Well, prebiotics are not actually bacteria, but a type of dietary fiber that is known to cultivate growth of good bacteria for a healthy digestive system. Here at Purely Elizabeth, we create a lot of our products with gut health in mind and we strongly believe taking care of your gut should be a main priority when it comes to what you’re feeding your body. Our gut plays a major role in our overall health, including our brain, digestive, and immune health, many people believe it is the center of what drives our bodies’ overall health.

Why We Chose To Include It:
People often talk about how breakfast is one of the most important parts of the day and I wouldn't disagree with that. That's why we believe that your breakfasts should be packed with nutritious ingredients, including fiber. Fiber has so many benefits ranging from helping you maintain a healthy weight to your overall gut health. With our new Superfood Oatmeals, we're addressing the #1 ask from our oatmeal consumers — fiber! With our mission to help you thrive on your wellness journey in mind, we decided to add Prebiotic Fiber to elevate your breakfast routine and add an extra boost of nutritious ingredients as prebiotics are known to support many health benefits. In addition to adding Prebiotic Fiber, all Purely Elizabeth Oatmeal items are now either certified Made with Organic or USDA Certified Organic — addressing the growing desire from consumers to feel confident that they are eating organic oats. As always, all of our oatmeals are anchored in The Purely Elizabeth Blend of organic gluten-free oats, flax seeds, quinoa flakes, chia seeds, and puffed amaranth — delivering superfood nutrition and a texture consumers love.

What Products Include Prebiotic Fiber:
Superfood Oatmeal Cups:
Dark Chocolate Chunk
Mixed Berry

Superfood Oatmeal Multipacks:
Banana Nut
Blueberry Flax
Classic Cinnamon
Dark Chocolate Chunk


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